How often do you find yourself saying “touch wood”, and looking around to search for a piece of wood to physically touch – only to find there isn’t any! Welcome to Touch Wood For Luck, a website dedicated to quality, hand-made wooden products that will solve your problem by providing the perfect solution for that moment when you need that extra “touch” of good luck.  

Our “touch wood for luck” products are designed as the ultimate solution for an emergency “touch wood” situation. These unique accessories are individually hand-crafted from 100% authentic Tasmanian wood, and with one of our accessories in tow, you will always be able to “touch wood for luck”, wherever you may be.

With a variety of products, ranging from jewellery to wallet cards, these products make lovely gifts to suit any occasion. 100% Australian owned and made, such charming accessories will be appreciated by even the non-superstitious.

High Quality Wood Products

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Touch Wood History & Superstition

How often do you find yourself looking around for some wood to “touch” or “knock on twice”, when you mention something good you hope will happen in the future?

It’s something so many of us do to avoid “jinxing” the good fortune, yet not many people know why they do it. To touch or knock on wood is probably one of the oldest and most widely held superstitions in the world, with almost every country having an expression for it.

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Always have luck on your side with Touch Wood for Luck authentic Tasmanian wood products. These beautifully presented and quality made products can be stored in your wallet, desk or car and as a wearable accessory. Ideal gift, novelty gift, birthday or christmas present for the superstitious.